With the trend of electronic media getting more or less every meaningful news source scrapping the old ink and print form, the same situation is what the business card is and still facing. It has become adapted to what is called the “Phase out Technology” What was a necessity to get your business to lots of people out there has now become a thing of the past. And to be very candid, a business card is the “baddest” way of communicating your business to the outside world. Imagine yourself squeezing your company profile in a tiny piece of paper. If you are thinking of a way not to go extinct with your business, the best bet is to get yourself a website. There are top website developing companies in Malaysia that can do justice to that.

Do you want to know why your website is far more important than your business card? Here is how:

Your business card cannot say much about your business because the little information you pass on to the printer will come out as little as less informative as it can be for the receiver. To make it more badly, imagine a situation where your email was types and printed wrongly or you changed your physical address, what becomes of the thousands of people holding the card? It’s a free world of speech on the website. What you decide to do about your website is left to you; mistakes are not easily noticeable, especially when you have sorted them out very fast. The users will have no choice than to enjoy every bit of information on your website.


Your website is your brand, it showcase your services. It’s also a place for you to reach out to million and a safe haven to make cool cash. It’s left to you to charge people to advertise on your website and also make money from it. Your company getting more views is a sign that your business will eventually boom. When people love to visit your site, they end up signing for newsletter updates and stay lively. If the user interface is captivating and attractive, there are high chances that it will attract more investors and people will patronize your services.


Malaysia is a large country with millions of people moving in and out? As a web developer in Malaysia, the question I ask numerous clients is “How do you intend to get your business outside your native country when you are still using the business card. With your website, you won’t only sell your company to the outside world; you will also be able to sell your services also. You can decide to accept payment on your website as a chance to increase your global activity.

If you are expecting comments, both negative and positive, your website is the only place where you can get tons of them. As a web design owner, you need these feedback to improve yourself, your services and also your products. Your website is the only channel that can treat professionally. There are lots of people out there that are ready to talk about your business. Make use of this feedback to correct the errors and also avoid it.
Now I ask you one again “Can your business card serve this purpose” Well, it can still serve as a gateway for people to know that you have a website if your URL is written on it.
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