Facebook Marketing is the Best way to help you find customers.


First, Define your business type


Hair salon, beauty salon, tution, pet shop, restaurant, book store etc


Professional service, factory, supplier, manufacturer, Multi Nation Corporation etc

Facebook Marketing in 4 Steps

Define Ideal Customer's Behaviour in Facebook

We will first discuss with you who are your ideal customers, we will help you build your ideal customer avatar by asking you some questions to help you clearly understand who is your ideal customers and how you are able to attract them from Facebook. Also, We will share with you the secret of how Jacky Web Design define the ideal customer in our own business, so that you will have an idea how can we always so accurately attract the customers we want. After that you will understand why so many people use facebook but not effective because did not attract the people they want, simply because they are not building the right customer’s avatar and doing the wrong targeting. Conclusion, we will share you the Top Facebook Secrets of how we use Facebook Marketing for our business and apply the same in your business.

Design & Create Contents That Your Audience Love

Same thing here, we will discuss with you what content strategies to build. What content will attract your ideal customers. So that only them will be interest to you. Because you are building the content all based on the interest of your customers. All content are design to add value to your customers. You are making goodwill to them. You are teaching them something. That’s why they will love you and continue stay with you. Once they are your super fans. When come to selling always is not a big issue. Selling will be a big issues when you have no relationship with your audiences. That’s why we will help you design the content strategies this is by far the best facebook marketing strategies to build relationship and trust with your audiences, so that later part is easier to convert them from fans to customers.

Promote Your Content

I know it sound simple, You must be heard of content marketing. Many people only create content but they have forgot about the next part which is marketing. Without marketing your content just nobody will read it. We definately not just simply promote the blog content. Everything have a reason behind it. Whoever read your blog, the are mostly prequalify as become your customers. We will help you install Facebook Pixel which is one of the best strategy from Facebook which many people din use it. Facebook pixel is to track whoever visited your website, so that in the future you can create ads specifically target people who have visited your website before. Imagine that you can actually create automatic follow up to people who have visited your specific page. If you have 10 pages, you can create different ads to people who have visited different pages.

Test, Track, Monitor & Scale It Big

The Good Things when come to Facebook Marketing is everything can be test. Everything can be split test see which campaign work better than the others. Most of the things can be track too. And budget are all set by you, that means you can decide how much you would like to spend with Facebook. After testing which campaign work well for you, is time to scale that campaign up. Why won’t you right? If every ONE dollar you put into Facebook Marketing, in return you profit TWO dollar. How much you will to spend with Facebook? Of course is scale it to unlimited right? Sure there are some strategies how to achieve that, we will discuss those strategies when we meet up.

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