When your “ready to buy customers” are searching your company’s products, services, solutions or your industrial knowledges on the Google Search Engine and your Company’s Website, Sale page or Landing page is able to rank on first page of Google in order to gain huge advantage 

More Traffic =More Sales

Customer only visit 1st and 2nd page in google keyword search.

Business Positioning & Trust

Customer only visit 1st and 2nd page in google keyword search.

Stand ahead of your competitors

Customer only visit 1st and 2nd page in google keyword search.



Organically or naturally rank your website on the google first page by SEO skills. It takes time and Seo skill to rank website in the 1st page. But, its more authority compared to google Ads.

Google Ads

Pay Advertising Fee to Google by bidding that’s mean if the keywords are highly competitive companies have to bid the price in order to rank higher. The advantage of Google Ads is able to rank on google very quickly. The disadvantage is once you cancel the advertising campaign all ranking will disappear. Google Ads are charged by pay per click.

Penang SEO Expert For Lead Generation

We are SEO expert in Penang. We can rank your website in the google with the keywords you wan’t. We will first discuss and listen to you. What are the keywords your customers are searching in Google. You have to first understand that why your customer are searching online. They must be facing some problems that’s why they search online. Once you find out all the problems that they might be facing in the future. You will create a long list of problems and that will turn into your long list of keywords. Once we know their problems and we will know what keywords to be rank.

Of course we will also share you the secrets of How Jacky Web Design using SEO strategies to rank on Google help us make a lot of sales. Those people who are searching your services online, they are the customers that ready to BUY now. They are looking your services online. That means they are hunger and need your solutions to solve their problems right now.

And also, we will show you how to dominate the first page of Google including the Google Map Ranking. Imagine if you are ranking at Google Map and also Ranking at the organic page one plus Google Adwords Ads. That mean you will have 3 listing on first page. You will have big advantage over your competitors. If you only rank one keywords that mean one keyword is working for you 24 hours. What if you are able to rank with 20 keywords? That you will have 20 profitable keywords are working for you 24/7 in Google. That’s why time is equal to money, the later you rank the more money you lost. That’s why Better rank on Google at earlier stage to enjoy the the benefit of Ready to BUY customer from Google Traffic.

Try us out, you will not regret. We do provide 100% guarantee satisfaction. Meaning that if anything you don’t like, or any of our service you don’t happy with. Just tell us and ask for a refund. We would happy to give you a full refund although we are confident that you will like our services. And we will still be friend. 🙂

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