Are you tired of having to return to the office all the time just to access the Property Listing System? Wish you could access the listing system anywhere, anytime?


J.W.D has developed a web application that enables you and your agency to access and manage listing information at your own convenience and time. We are proud to introduce Web Based Listing Management System.


Access Anywhere Anytime

You can access the system anywhere and anytime at the comfort of your own home or even when you are out on the go, as long as your devices are connected to the Internet.



You will need a systematic way to store, manage and update your listing over a long period of time. Wouldn’t it be beneficial to you if you were to start earlier? Why not start now by using a system to manage your listing more efficiently.


Easier for collaboration

Users can add their own listings to the listing system easily. This allows a whole agency to share and collaborate their listings under one convenient space.


Filter and sorting

Listings are categorised by area, type, price, owner information and etc. Roles and Privilege Each and every agent would have their own login account, and different roles would be entitled to different privileges.


Easy update listings

All listings can now be updated live. Agents will be able to access the updated listing information in real time with no delays.


User Management

Administrations can now manage their users (which includes approving a new user for the system, ban and/or unban user access, and to promote and/or demote user roles).


Time Saving

Time is everything. Using a listing management system can always help you to save more time compared to traditional way of listing management. Time is money.


Auto Backup

Back up your information anywhere, anytime and you will never have to lose the progress of your work.


Mobile Access

Android & IOS devices are able to access the system.


Visit us at Jacky Web Design or call us 010-3914268 for 30 days free trial now!!!

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